Pulsum Quadratum

New tools for synthesis, blah blah

We make modules for the VCVRack software modular synthesis environment. Some are proprietary and some are open source. For open source modules, visit us on GitHub. Currently, most of our modules are under active development.


Rhombic Shift Register

Complex shift register for algorithmic composition

Status available

rtl-sdr Radio Tuner

Radio tuner for rtl-sdr USB dongles

License GPL-2.0
Status beta
Source vcvrack-rtlsdr

Color Scope

Oscilloscope where the draw color matches the color of the input cable

License BSD-2-Clause
Status beta
Source vcvrack-colorscope

SID voice

Commodore 64 SID synth voice

License GPL-2.0
Status alpha
Source vcvrack-sid

Low Pass Gate

8 channels of Low Pass Gate w/ vactrol-style decay on the CV envelope.

Status unavailable


Chebyshev polynomial waveshaper

Status unavailable

Drooping Multiple

Passive multiple simulation for modeling primitive CV distribution.

Status unavailable

Sir Hiss

Virtual channel snake and patch viewport navigator

Status unavailable


0.6.0 - 18 April 2018

Available from VCVRack ($15)

requires VCVRack 0.6.x

Release history


Pulsum Quadratum (“vibrating square” For those interested, the Vibrating Square is an element from Nethack. or “pulse wave”) releases synthesizer projects by Jon Williams.